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2020/07/20 naujos taisyklės
| Nesimato naujų temų/atsakymų, JS neveikia? Bandykite perkrauti puslapį su CTRL+F5 (privers naršyklę rodyti naujausią puslapio versiją).

Failas: 1550322914086.jpeg (958,76 KB, 3508x2244, truth.jpeg)


Welcome to /int/, the lithuanian-only language rule does not apply here.


Flags work again.

Failas: 1567273195678.jpg (221,94 KB, 1080x1169, 67091501_248372886121527_4….jpg)






Not much wbu


send dudes


Hello, hello, turn the radio on.
Hit the dancefloor, hit the dancefloor, and then be my home.


We're takin' da Hobbitz 2 Izengard-gard-gard-gard-gard,
We're takin' da Hobbitz 2 Izengard-gagagagard-gagard-gard
We're takin' da Hobbitz,We're takin' da Hobbitz,We're takin' da Hobbitz,We're takin' da Hobbitz,
We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',We're takin',YEAH, REEE-MIX !!!
*Heavy bass drop sounds*

Failas: 1604617785660.jpg (16,74 KB, 225x306, ajlft.jpg)


Is Finland a Baltic country?
3 žinutės nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsiliepimas“.


Economic Left is based and RED-pilled, and you shithead economic rightists will lead society into suffering, degeneration and self-destruction.


coping same fag can't comprehend 6th grade history book


Literally soviets were the ones that couldn't see more than 5 years into future, lmao.


Current history books are full of propaganda bullshit, which aims to discredit the communist system.
Better read facts, not some Gabrielius-esque style propaganda.

Kek, you really think that?
Congratulations faggot, you've just proved that you're nothing more than a brainwashed sheep.

Soviets had a long-term future development plan, at least until 1970, so they were really the ones who were superior.
Of course, after ~1970, internal corruption and foreign interference has kind of stalled the progress, but the system still worked nonetheless.

And you economic liberal faggots don't see ahead in future at all, because you blindly believe that the free market will do everything right by itself, but, as the history showed, that's not the case.
The american Great Depression, or the 2008 financial crisis?
It showed that the state must have a role in economic planning, or otherwise shit like that happens.


Failas: 1604682843916.png (776,39 KB, 1200x917, ClipboardImage.png)

>nice mąsalas

Failas: 1600625027989.png (504,38 KB, 655x458, 1.png)


9 žinutės nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsiliepimas“.


I guess it's not time for papai, then.


Failas: 1600711939898.jpg (2,04 KB, 100x114, 1599530938473.jpg)

>Ay Tonie. Give me the papai.


Failas: 1600770157457.jpg (47,95 KB, 640x631, billie eiliauskaitė.jpg)

All the good girls have papai


Failas: 1604005069726.jpg (5,91 KB, 283x178, index.jpg)

Laba means masturbation in romanian.


Failas: 1604187254733.png (62,8 KB, 272x204, hearing (1).png)

Failas: 1592416174325.gif (335,92 KB, 480x270, 1532290473346.gif)


rare flag incoming


have a pineapple bubble tea and three spice chicken for me!


joke's on you, Taiwan's life expectancy is 28 days, he's already dead


So I herd u liek papai


Yes, we're also fans of dziundzė.


Is this to become what used to be krautchans /int/?

Failas: 1576669984621.jpeg (3,65 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3904.jpeg)


Kelkites, sheeplai


Failas: 1585828189697.jpg (35,64 KB, 720x540, 90484360_10158436924374752….jpg)





Eik naxuj Guoga

Failas: 1600625010090.png (504,38 KB, 655x458, 1.png)


Labas, kuršininkai

Failas: 1597854436593.png (373,99 KB, 1723x5101, 1597849493519.png)


Big fat list of imageboards easily sortable
Lithuanian list


(Admin note: This thread was moved from /b/)


Failas: 1597917876520.png (74,45 KB, 1516x413, ClipboardImage.png)


Failas: 1595611697911.png (266,94 KB, 522x531, ClipboardImage.png)


hi! earstnern friends!
what do you think about the creation of a federation of slavic countries in eastern europe as opposed to imperial russia and the left west
eu, if the main goal of the federation is
1) military alliance
2) financial friendship




Failas: 1595614517881.gif (1,49 MB, 400x288, 1592494398300.gif)

>Military alliance
If USA decides to leave NATO that doesn't sound like a bad idea.
>Financial friendship
Can you be more exact on that? Is that free market between countries or something?

Other than that I'd say as long as EU remains functional that doesn't seem necessary altough some sort of extra union indeed can be established between countries.


>Union with slavshits


kaksteist kuud


>federation of slavic countries
>half of them aren't even slavic
nice bait pidar

Failas: 1592419681626.png (133,5 KB, 371x369, Limmy_wtf.png)


Is it true that Lithuanian people worship snakes?


Failas: 1592421587981.jpg (95,88 KB, 960x540, 1591423429180.jpg)

In the past yes. Nowdays almost every lithuanian is a christian.


Do you mean basketballish?


Failas: 1592569186320.jpg (84,67 KB, 750x766, 1578240125582.jpg)

Well it's rather questionable statement because it is not officialy a religion. However most of the basketball fans say otherwise. Ironically I guess.

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