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Failas: 1550322914086.jpeg (958,76 KB, 3508x2244, truth.jpeg)


Welcome to /int/, the lithuanian-only language rule does not apply here.


Flags work again.

Failas: 1592416174325.gif (335,92 KB, 480x270, 1532290473346.gif)


rare flag incoming

Failas: 1592419681626.png (133,5 KB, 371x369, Limmy_wtf.png)


Is it true that Lithuanian people worship snakes?


Failas: 1592421587981.jpg (95,88 KB, 960x540, 1591423429180.jpg)

In the past yes. Nowdays almost every lithuanian is a christian.


Do you mean basketballish?


Failas: 1592569186320.jpg (84,67 KB, 750x766, 1578240125582.jpg)

Well it's rather questionable statement because it is not officialy a religion. However most of the basketball fans say otherwise. Ironically I guess.

Failas: 1576669984621.jpeg (3,65 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3904.jpeg)


Kelkites, sheeplai


Failas: 1585828189697.jpg (35,64 KB, 720x540, 90484360_10158436924374752….jpg)




Failas: 1589054283732-0.png (82,38 KB, 500x500, beb07622c89795f8458fb579f3….png)

Failas: 1589054283733-1.webm (6,43 MB, 640x360, Grin​nch's_ultimatum.webm)


>be me
>born in a Russian speaking family in Lithuania
>go to Russian school
>migrate to Germany as a teenager
>never really learn Lithuanian language
>mfw have Lithuanian citizenship but can't speak language
>mfw actually symphatize with Hitler and NatSocs
Globalism has shaped me into a strange man.


ooooo ja guten schwarzen schwanz ja ja spongebob schwanzkopf


Why don't you just get german citizenship?


Only niggers can get citizenship in germany


When 4th reich will come, anon?

Failas: 1582733302520.jpg (25,95 KB, 392x392, refugee landing on the Cur….jpg)


Labas, lithuanians!
How are you today?
1 žinutė nerodoma. Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk „Atsiliepimas“.


Failas: 1582744477535.jpg (20,81 KB, 300x250, warning removing this mask….jpg)

It would be extremely painful!


Failas: 1582745873074-0.png (69,88 KB, 300x400, thumb_14-heinz-tomato-ketc….png)

Failas: 1582745873075-1.jpg (35,85 KB, 390x285, shutterstock_178282250-390….jpg)

mmm why yes I do love Italian cuisine its the best


I want a Šakotis now


Can you record yourself jumping into a brick wall and shouting "IT'S A ME MARIO" please?



Failas: 1577824360571-0.png (145,46 KB, 680x530, 6f6.png)

Failas: 1577824360572-1.jpg (40,49 KB, 659x623, 1577818154300.jpg)


Bow down to India


Failas: 1577825089668.jpg (130,19 KB, 553x369, download (4).jpg)

do u spek punjabi? :DDDD


Failas: 1577826098584.png (1,07 MB, 880x759, e45.png)

I took a shit once in a forest and now I can speak indian fluently :DD


Failas: 1584958232257.jpeg (3,14 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_8542.jpeg)

I'm a Lithcel and visited India back in September. Delhi is madnes, but Jaipur was a bit better, especially when I've got high and a personal driver.

Otherwise fucking scary shithole where everyone tries to rip you off.

Failas: 1576017521358.jpg (441,05 KB, 1600x1533, World-Data-Locator-Map-Aus….jpg)


Reminder that Austria is superior to the prussian MENACE country in the north


yes I love Australia


One more insult to the nation who should be leading earth and you'll be executed



Failas: 1576422580648.jpg (227,71 KB, 2000x1356, 1576421386538.jpg)


>16 dienų

Failas: 1574721751700.jpg (66,71 KB, 630x420, varg-vikernes.jpg)


stop watching porn


Is he still larping as a pagan war lord in france?

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